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Support your staff to provide better care and outcomes for patients


In a field of thousands of products and ever changing regulations, delivering safe digital health takes time and expertise. The wrong technology decision can bring significant risk to patient safety, IT security and governance. Outsource your digital health decisions to ORCHA to:


  • Minimise risk
  • Save time
  • Access industry expertise
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Focus on wellness without the rising pressure of increasing costs.


ORCHA delivers the core infrastructure needed to deliver and de-risk digital health plans for both government and commercial payers.

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Using digital health to improve patient satisfaction.


From patient support programs to digital therapeutics, ORCHA offers new ways to increase drug adherence, educate and build relationships with patients, and maintain trust.

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Improve productivity and retention with digital tools.


Recruiting and retaining staff can be a challenge. ORCHA helps you focus on deploying high-quality digital support and virtual care solutions that are tailored to the needs of your staff.


Gain new members and retain your current ones more effectively.


Maintain or grow your membership and add as much value as possible. Safe and high-quality digital health tools can bring additional revenue streams to any healthcare association.

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Increase the appeal of any digital health tool you build for your target customers.


Digital health developers are engineering the next wave of digital solutions that will take healthcare to the next level. ORCHA helps you implement industry standards, to support the commissioning and distributing of your product.

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Health ventures

Select the right products for optimal results.


Innovation and technology drive better healthcare outcomes. Institutional capital entities need effective ways to assess safety, quality, and efficacy to make the most appropriate investments.